Joachim Despland

4X Strategy

This project started as a little game I made for a Ludum Dare event with the theme "Discovery". I figured out a new way of rendering hexagon-based terrain for it and also developed a random continent generator.

I quite liked the results and decided to use this work as a base for a turn-based history simulation game.

Although from the point of view of the game logic everything is on hexagonal tiles representing different types of terrain, these tiles are projected isometrically at an angle and rendered by assembling a small set of 64x64 square tiles in a way that can give a much more natural look to the landscape.

With the terrain generator, I tried to write an algorithm that would generate the kind of island chains and mountain ranges typical of earth continents at that scale.

I want to experiment with unusual directions for the genre with this game and recently this project has become the subject of my Master's degree. I will try to post more about it soon!