Joachim Despland-Lichtert


In this multiplayer arcade game, robots compete to steal the shiny purple gem from each other and then earn points by doing a little dance. Don't let your opponents catch up!

Video footage by Owen Deery

The game was unveiled at The Prince of Arcade 2011 on the Arcade Royale, a Montreal arcade cabinet built by The Buttonmashers.

It has also been playable at other great events such as the Toy Company 2012 chiptunes festival, MIXCADE, and Nuit Blanche 2012 in Montreal; as well as f/ in Stockholm.

The game soundtrack, composed by Mydium, can be downloaded here: [LINK]

Photo by Jessica Lindsay

Photo by Sagar Patel

There is no download for the game yet, sorry!

It was developed in C++ using IrrKlang for sound and OpenGL for the graphics.

If you want a copy of the game for your local arcade machine or if you have a question, send me an e-mail:

GAME GAME VIDEOGAME at GDC 2012. Photo by Saleem Dabbous