Joachim Despland-Lichtert

Lost in Eldritch

Begin story with presence of narrator—inexplicable to himself—in utterly alien and terrifying scenes (dream?).

Man with lost memory in strange, imperfectly comprehended environment. Fears to regain memory—a glimpse. . . .

Windows: [DOWNLOAD]

- Use the arrow keys to move.
- Press 'Z' to jump.
- Press 'A' to walk slowly.

A game made for TIGSource's Commonplace Book Competition.
The theme of the competition was to make a game based on one of the ideas from H.P. Lovecraft's commonplace book.
The two ideas at the top of this page are the ones I chose.

The game can be described as a short 2D exploration platformer.

The jumping physics I experimented with in this game are a bit unusual. The player character cannot influence his momentum while he is in the air, which goes against the traditional expectations of most players for a platformer game.

I made this game in C++ using GLFW for OpenGL and irrKlang for sound.
All the sounds and music are from the Freesound Project.

If you have any comments about the game, please send me an e-mail!