Joachim Despland

Point-and-Click Adventure

This game was made using Adventure Game Studio as part of a class project where each member of the team worked on a separate chapter of the full final adventure.

The story we came up with was that of a fanboy bunny who is obsessed with vampire fiction and embarks on a misguided quest to become a vampire itself. The chapter I worked on is the final chapter, where the bunny finally finds itself inside the castle of a real vampire.

You can download the chapter here: [DOWNLOAD] (in French only!)

Our teacher, Jonathan Lessard (Absurdus) later picked my chapter to use as part of his research on data mining techniques as applied to game design.

His subjects were equipped with a number of sensors (skin conductivity, eye tracking, facial expression detection) gathering data while they played the game and their performance was recorded.

The results helped determine which puzzles players had the most trouble with and why.